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Welcome porn surfer. This page is dedicated to you. It is all about safe and relaxed porn surfing. While surfing on the internet you can encounter many problems. A lot a bad sites try to install spyware or trojans on your computer. Sometimes when you want to watch a movie a popup appears with the notification that you need to install additional codecs in order to view that movie. This is all bullshit. Never click on these popups, never install codecs from websites you don't know. All codecs are on your computer and if you might need extra codecs try to install them from a trusted source.


Also consider VLC as a free media player. It will eat all your vids, whatever codecs you have installed or not installed on your computer. This media player will play all your music and movies. Use it for free and you will never have to doubt about installing so called extra codecs from unknown sources.

Please note that these things will never happen when you surf for porn on trusted sites. But unfortunately there are many people on the internet with bad intentions. So as a modern porn surfer you'll need to be prepared for all this unwanted stuff. There are a few things you can do to minimize the chance that your computer will get infected with malicious software.

Be sure to update your Windows software, enable automatic updates.

Use a good antivirus program, I can recommend Kaspersky or NOD32

Use a firewall, at least the Windows firewall but preferably a better on which also check outgoing traffic from your computer. Some antivirus suites come with a good firewall.

Use legal software, using illegal software with patches and cracks increases the chance you get infected by malware. A lot of so called cracks are trojans itself.

Use antispyware software to clean your computer and remove unwanted spyware programs. I use multiple programs for this myself on my XP laptop as I noticed they work best when you combine them. Some good antyspyware tools are : AVG Anti Spyware, you can use this one for free with some restrictions, but it does the job. Lavasoft has Ad Aware, wich also comes in a free edition. Also check Hitman Pro, this is a tool which will install several anti spyware tools and let you manage them in one automated proces. This saves a lot of time and it will find the most known spyware

Use Firefox as a browser. This browser has a better security policy than IE. It is especially safer than IE6 or older versions but I really prefer it anyway. There are some really interesting plugins available for Firefox to make surfing even more safer.

And last but definitely not least: use Linux as an operating system instead of Windows or try Apple's Mac OS X if you wanna surf safe and worry less about trojans, spyware and virusses. The simple fact is that when you are on a Linux or Mac OS X system you are not surfing as an administrator, which you are on Windows XP, assuming you didn't change that. Vista doesn't have this problem, but I am not gonna talk about Vista here because I hate it ;-) Also 99 percent of the spyware and virusses out there are written especially for Windows computers, so when you are on a Linux or Mac OS X system they cannot harm you. I am not gonna say it is impossible to attack a Linux or a Mac OS X system, but you are definitely a lot safer !!! Two good Linux distributions for beginning Linux users are openSUSE and Ubuntu.


So keep your head cool and your computer virus free. One last note. The new thing on the internet is tube sites. As long as they offer clips not longer than 1 or 2 minutes they will most probably have the right to show these movies and are not offering stolen content. But never install any Flash player or plugin from any tube site. Go to Adobe to obtain the Flash plugin form a trusted source. I have found some tube sites myself which offer some kind of flash.exe plugin that would be needed to watch their movies. This is malware !!




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